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Interesting: Swiss government researches
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Homeopathic Medical Clinic is a part of Life Medical, an integrative clinic, providing both conventional and complementary healing modalities. Dr. Mirman is its Medical Director.

The primary purpose of this site is to educate about homeopathy. Homeopathy is serious science and as such deserves a serious explanation. I attempted to provide such an explanation in my booklet Demystifying Homeopathy.

Click here for brief explanation of homeopathy

Click here to read Demystifying Homeopathy online. Feel free to print all or parts of the book.

You are also welcome to order a hard copy. It is inexpensive and easy to order, and I can assure you looks much better than a printout from the web!

The booklet provides most of the information about homeopathy relevant for a non-homeopath, whether a lay person or a healthcare professional. A scientifically minded reader will find the research section of the book interesting. It discusses some good studies of homeopathy versus placebo.

For those interested in having me see them professionally for treatment, I provide the most pertinent information about my practice. Note that appointments can be done in person or virtual in English or Russian.

aconiteClick here if you are interested in having me do a presentation about homeopathy for your organization.

As I continue developing this site I will add other information, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

The pictures of plants, animals, mineral substances and some other things you see on the site are remedies we use in homeopathic prescribing. Hover your pointer over the picture to know the name of the remedy and common name of the substance. Some of these may make sense to you, some won’t. Don’t think too hard, just let your curiosity be tickled. Homeopaths have an entirely different understanding of substances and other natural occurrences than general public. You can’t make any judgments until you engage in some significant study of homeopathy.

Take a look at our flu site for information on the use of homeopathy for flus and colds, including seasonal and other varieties of influenza.

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