I often get requests for referrals to good homeopaths. While there are many good practitioners out there, I don’t know them all. However, I know a few people I studied with at the ESSH School of Homeopathy, as well as some other good practitioners.

Many practitioners in states with repressive medical boards and no health freedom laws are reluctant to be listed for fear of prosecution. I will provide their names on request if you email me.

There are two levels of ESSH certification:

CTHom (Certified Trained Homeopath): This is a diploma given by ESSH School of Homeopathy in Flagstaff, AZ, to students demonstrating a certain degree of mastery in classical homeopathy. I have a heavy personal bias in favor of this title. I believe its bearers are some of the best homeopaths available.

MHom (Master of Homeopathy): This diploma is given by ESSH School of Homeopathy to those mastering Homeopathy on a very high level. This title is given by the teacher when he considers the student qualified. There is no exam of any sort. The only prerequisite is having the previous level diploma (CTHom). In my biased opinion, there is no higher qualification in the world today.

Other titles:

DHt (Diplomate of Homeotherapeutics): Given by the American Institute of Homeopathy to medical doctors passing their exam. The AIH is the oldest organization of physicians in the US, predating the AMA. In fact, the AMA was originally founded in response to the threat perceived by the allopathic (conventional) doctors of the time, from homeopaths forming a national organization.

DHANP (Diplomate of Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians): As the name implies, this is a title similar to DHt given by the naturopathic board.

DNBHE (Diplomate of National Board of Homeopathic Examiners): This one may sound a bit misleading. It is awarded by a group of chiropractic homeopathic educators to practitioners passing their exam.

MFHom (Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy): Given by the Faculty of Homeopathy, the British equivalent of the AIH, to doctors passing their exam. This title is recognized by medical authorities throughout European Community and other countries having historical ties to the United Kingdom. The Faculty runs a fairly intensive educational program attracting doctors from all over the world.

FFHom (Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy): Awarded to doctors holding the title of MFHom and showing certain extra achievement, particularly in the area of homeopathic education.

RSHom(NA) (Registered with Society of Homeopaths (North America)): Given by NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths). NASH accepts only non-licensed practitioners as members and this title signifies the practitioner’s passing of membership requirements which include demonstrating proficiency in classical homeopathy. This title was originally modeled on RSHom of Great Britain.

CCH (Certified in Classical Homeopathy): Given by CHC (Council for Homeopathic Certification), a homeopathic board trying to unite all these different groups under a common umbrella. This title certifies that the practitioner, regardless of their licensure status, passed a minimum competency exam in classical homeopathy. The interesting new twist added by this board is a medical portion of the exam required for all non-medically licensed applicants. This is the first attempt in modern history of homeopathy in this country to make sure the practitioner possesses a certain minimum of conventional medical knowledge in addition to proficiency in homeopathy.

For a referal to a homeopath anywhere in the United States visit the National Center for Homeopathy web site.

If you are close to any of the following ESSH diplomates, you are in luck:

Douglas Faulkner, MD, MHom, Ashland, OR

Murray Clarke, ND, L.Ac., MHom,
900 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 405
Santa Monica, CA 90401