My charging method is somewhat unusual, so please make an effort to read and understand everything on this page. If anything is unclear, please ask me to clarify it. I believe any practitioner’s charging policy must be structured in such a way as to stimulate the practitioner to provide the most efficient service to their clients. I believe my policy does just that.

Medical insurance companies do not consider homeopathy to be a medical modality, and therefore they don’t pay for it. However, because I am a licensed medical doctor and because I do diagnose and provide conventional medical treatment when necessary at the same visit, we can bill for it. Therefore, for all practical purposes, each visit consists of two parts: medical and homeopathic—we bill or help you bill for the medical part if necessary.

The following charges apply if I see you in my office or via Skype or phone. If the patient is off site, such as in a hospital, nursing home, etc, add $200 for each trip I have to make.

First visit: $600. This covers the first visit and the first month of follow-up.

Follow-up care: $75 a month, regardless of the number of visits and other communication with me, starting with the first follow-up. This also includes all homeopathic treatment for any acute illnesses you may have between regular visits, done either by phone or in person. Some people are initially unsure about the monthly payment, but think about it: this approach gives me an incentive to work hard and get you better as quickly as possible. If you are clearly on a good remedy and showing improvement, all I need to do is see you briefly every couple of months or so to monitor your progress. On the other hand, if you are having difficulties, I have to see you and talk to you often, change prescriptions, etc., in short, spend a lot more time and effort on your case. I am pretty lazy by nature, so, obviously, if this happens, I am as unhappy as you are: I have to work hard, but not get paid any more. In fact, if we see no progress at all, I stop charging you any out of pocket fees, but work even harder. So, obviously, I always try to get the best remedy as soon as possible, so I can sit back and relax, and watch you improve. Therefore, you are the one to benefit the most from the monthly payment approach: if I make you better, you are happy, and if you have to see me more often than usual, you are happy you don’t need to pay me any more. Your homeopathic remedies are included in most cases. There are two exceptions:

  • if you need an acute remedy quick and I either don’t have it or you don’t want to drive to my office to pick it up. You may then be able to buy it locally for under $10.
  • if you are on an “LM” remedy and we need to raise the potency by more than 6 levels. You will then be charged $3.00 for each level above 6. This information will not make sense to most of the readers. Suffice it to say, this situation almost never comes up before one is in treatment for over a year, more commonly two, on the same remedy and doing well. By then you’ll be quite happy to pay this minimal fee to have your remedy made up for you.

Sometimes people ask, “How come we come to see you only every other month but have to pay monthly?” The $75 per month charge came out of the per visit charge of $150 and the usual every other month visit, the way we used to do it in the past. Therefore, if you elected to do it that way and pay per visit (which is allowed but discouraged), you would not pay any less, and would probably pay more in the long run, because you may need to see me more often than every other month. We have also seen that if you try to come less than at least every other month, your care suffers. We often need to make changes in the care plan, and waiting too long before realizing the changes are needed slows us down.

We ask that you arrange for an automatic payment of the monthly charges, such as having us keep your credit card number on file, or setting up an automatic payment with your bank. You can also prepay every time you come for a visit, which should be at least every two months. The follow-up care charge is payable in the beginning of each month of care. We assess the automatic charges on the 1st or the 15th of each month. We can figure out which day applies to you depending on the date of your first visit.

You may choose to pay the follow-up care charges automatically via PayPal. This is very convenient. PayPal will charge your credit card or your bank account.We don’t have access to your credit card, so you don’t have to worry it will get in the wrong hands (not that we’ve ever had this problem: we guard your financial information very carefully). I’ve used paypal for many years now for purchases and to receive payments, and can recommend them wholeheartedly. If you would like to set this up, please click on the paypal button below. If you have never used paypal, you may be surprised at how easy it is to use. If you wish, we will be able to help you set it up at the time of your first appointment. You can stop the automatic payment anytime.

 At the time you make the appointment for the initial visit, we will ask you for the first installment towards the visit charge in the amount of $150. It can be paid with a credit card by phone or a check in the mail. PayPal also works (click on the button below). This payment is fully refundable if you cancel within 72 hours (3 days) of the scheduled appointment. There will be no refunds if you cancel less than 72 hours before the scheduled appointment time, but this money can be applied to a future appointment if you reschedule at the time of the cancellation. If you cancel twice within 72 hrs of the scheduled visit times, regardless of the cause, the deposit will be forfeited, and if you still want to reschedule the appointment, the whole visit charge must be prepaid in cash, and it will be non-refundable.

The balance of the first visit charge in the amount of $450 is due at the time of the first visit. This includes the first month of follow-up care. You will pay for the second month of follow-up care and we will set up the automatic payment plan if you so choose at the first follow-up.

If you feel this is too expensive, please take another look at what you are receiving. You are paying for a comprehensive treatment plan including all communication with me and most remedies. It includes all visits, even if I need to see you more often than usual. All phone calls and email communications with me are included. If you would like to shop around for a less expensive homeopath, be sure to ask about their pricing structure and their guarantee. Are they charging for each phone call and each email? Do they charge for the remedies and how much? Do they continue charging even if the treatment does not work? My answer to all those is NO! I don’t want to nickel and dime you. I don’t want money to be a reason for you not calling me if there is an issue we need to discuss.

Don’t forget that you are also paying for the easy access to a licensed medical doctor who can treat you with conventional approaches as well, if necessary, order and review your labs and explain findings, prescribe antibiotics or other drugs in an unusual case when a homeopathic remedy is not taking care of some acute illness, etc. I can intelligently discuss your case with your other physicians and refer you to specialists if necessary. Having said this, I would prefer not to replace your other doctors. Rather, I believe, we should work together to help you be as healthy as you can possibly be.

You may also want to compare the expense of homeopathic treatment to that of some other approaches, like naturopathic (where supplement costs will often run into hundreds of dollars per month), chiropractic (which may get expensive due to very frequent visits), Traditional Chinese Medicine (frequent acupuncture sessions and expensive herbal mixtures) and others. Homeopathy is probably the least expensive in the long run. In most cases you will find the results to be well worth it as well.

We can give you an insurance form standard in the health insurance industry (HCFA form). Homeopathic Medical Clinic is not a provider for any health insurance plans. You can use this form to bill your insurance carrier on your own. Your reimbursement will depend on the specifics of your contract with your medical insurance carrier, as well as the whim of the examiner of the claim.

We will enter the following visit codes and charges on the HCFA form (the amounts of actual reimbursement are completely unpredictable):

First visit (in person only):99205, $499.00 (comprehensive initial doctor visit).
Follow-up in person or via video link, but not by phone: 99214, $150.00. An HCFA form can be filled out for every actual visit. If you end up being reimbursed more than what you paid, by law you have to pay us the difference. This may happen if I see you more often than every two months.

All formal phone consultations (not interim phone calls) are billed as 99443. Few insurance carriers will pay for phone calls.

Again, as far as your health insurance carrier is concerned, the above billing procedure applies only to the medical portion of the visit (history, exam and diagnosis), but not the homeopathic portion.

The HCFA form shows your account paid up, so the carrier should reimburse you directly. If they send the check to us by mistake, we just sign it over to you.

If you need financing of the visits, you may want to arrange it through your bank or credit card. Our office is not involved in financing. We do not have installment plans.