Ask Friendly MD

Because I am qualified in both conventional internal medicine and homeopathy, I often get questions from jmirmanboth professional homeopaths and their clients to help them deal with conventional medicine. Sometimes a homeopathic client needs a second opinion regarding a conventional treatment ordered by their physician, sometimes they need a physical exam and sometimes they just need some help in understanding their disease or condition from both homeopathic and conventional perspective.

I like providing this type of help, because, contrary to popular opinion, there really is no conflict between homeopathy and conventional medical science, as long as we are talking the same language. Unfortunately, getting homeopaths and conventional MDs to communicate is usually something like creating peace between Jews and Arabs in Israel or between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. The languages they talk are too different and their cultures do not allow for understanding. I find that when both parties open their minds up to a dialog and agree to logically discuss terms, they will often find that the language is only different on the surface. We are really using the same language; however different parts of it and both groups are not used to the part of the language the other group is using. Imagine an engineer and an artist trying to communicate to each other a concept using strictly the ‘shop talk’ they are familiar with. When one is constructing a beautiful building, both parties had better get to understand each other well, or the final product will be a strange creation indeed! This then involves the need for an architect, who can speak with both parties and create unity in the design.

It should be the same in medicine. I feel, that by virtue of my extensive training in both conventional medicine and homeopathy, I can talk equally well to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and to help their patients/clients to better understand the treatment approaches offered to them and enable them to make the right choice. I believe patients must be fully informed before making healthcare choices, and, unfortunately too often the information they get from their providers is contradictory and full of conflicting opinions. It takes a professional to sift through them.

Therefore, I decided to offer the Ask Friendly MD service. It really is quite simple. You come to me with your questions and I will give you my opinion from both perspectives, i.e., homeopathy and conventional medicine, and show you that there really is no conflict between them as long as you take a look at the whole picture. Neither your homeopath, nor your medical doctor will disagree with my explanation of your situation, though both may disagree with your choice of therapy; but then again, as long as you have a good understanding of what is going on it should be your choice in the final analysis.

This can be done on the phone or in person. I can review your medical records and explain everything to you. I can review the therapies offered and explain them, as well as offer an opinion regarding my expectations of them in your case. I may be able to suggest questions you could ask of your medical doctor or your homeopath to make you better able to understand your care.

If you are being treated by a homeopath, please do not expect an opinion on the choice of the remedy they prescribed for you. I never express such an opinion until I take the case myself.

Disclaimer: Opinions offered by phone will be based solely on the records you provide and the history I obtain from you, lacking a physical exam. Therefore, my opinion in these cases must remain informal, and not carry the certainty of a proper medical diagnosis. Neither should my opinions regarding treatment options be considered treatment recommendations.

The charge for this service depends strictly on the time I spend on your case: $20 per 5 min. or $240 per hour.

For service done by phone, I will need your credit card number or a retainer in form of a check or money order. Prior to setting up the appointment we will discuss your situation by phone, at which time I will ascertain the approximate amount of time that may be required and we will agree on the amount of the retainer. I will refund the unused amount once we are finished.

Medical visits in person should be reimbursable by your medical insurance. They can be done through Life Medical, where I am a preferred provider for most plans.