The lip of truth will be established forever, but the tongue of falsehoof only till I wink my eye.
Proverbs, 12:19

We all like to know the truth, don’t we? However, sometimes it seems to be elusive. We listen to this or that expert in hope that they will give it to us, but the experts disagree. Why?

I like to think of it this way. There are three main reasons for the experts to disagree. anhalonium

  • The available data is not sufficient to come up with a conclusive opinion both experts could agree on.
  • One or both are not real experts, so they don’t know what they are talking about.
  • One or both are real experts who know and understand the information, but are hiding some part of the truth in order to make their point of view more plausible for whatever selfish reason.

Unfortunately, most of the public discourse about homeopathy is carried out based on the last two options.

benzThe truth is, there is plenty of scientific, anecdotal and empiric information that, if properly examined, proves that homeopathy works. Honest intelligent people examining this information should have no disagreements. At the same time, there are no data to explain its mechanism of action. These are entirely different issues, which are always argued as one by those who would make it appear that homeopathy is quackery. The purpose of such an argument is to confuse the listener and induce a negative emotional feeling about the subject.

It is the purpose of this site to present the information in a simple manner, without useless emotions, so the truth becomes more apparent.

I love talking about homeopathy, so if you would like me to give a presentation on homeopathy for your group, please call me. I have one already prepared, with slides and all. I’ve gotten good responses from the places I’ve already presented at.

An abbreviated list of organizations I have presented for :

  • University of Minnesota Medical School Taskforce on Alternative Medicine (I also regularly teach medical students there)
  • North Dakota State University College of Pharmacy Homecoming Convention
  • Mayo Medical School, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Health East Alternative Health Symposium
  • Minnesota Homeopathic Association annual conference for lay people and medical professionals
  • Numerous church, community education, special interest groups around town
  • Hospital and clinic staff

I’ve been invited as a guest on numerous radio and TV shows, including a live debate with a “quack buster” on public TV (I must say his point of view got busted very lovingly by myself and the hosts).

I like speaking publicly with opponents, as in most cases it turns out that the opponent hasn’t done their homework, or they are stupid, or dishonest. All these situations can be easily exposed and therefore my point is made with that much more power. If they are neither stupid nor dishonest, I can usually get them to see some light and everybody benefits in the end. I like this outcome the best. Disagreements between honest and intelligent people usually take place because of some lack of information on either side of the argument, then providing the missing information should resolve the argument.cham

The easiest way to discredit something is to tell mostly the truth about it, but to also introduce some seemingly minor wrong facts which in the end totally negate all of the truth that was said. Nonetheless, the reader minimally knowledgeable about the subject will see most of the true facts, recognize them as truth and be impressed. They will usually miss the small lies and will totally fall under the power of the flawed argument.

This is what Dr. Barrett of the “quack-busters” fame did with homeopathy. He gives accurate history, theory and scientific facts, then tells some small untruths about research and makes a completely incorrect conclusion. Read more about my interaction with the “quack busters” here.

Sometimes people want to know if homeopathy is “all natural”.

The abuse of the word natural is an elephant-sized pet peeve of mine. I don’t know who the knucklehead was that announced that anything natural was automatically good for you, but if I ever meet him or her, I’m going to have a few words to say! Read more here.

If you have questions about homeopathy, make sure to send them to me, and I may write an article for this section, if I think it is something more people need to know.

If you have a question about the use of homeopathy in some particular condition, see if I’ve written anything about it in the Conditions section of the site, or just send me an email.