My first experience with treating infertility homeopathically took place several years ago when I was working in a clinic where I don’t usually do homeopathy. I saw a lady who complained of being unable to conceive after trying for 2 years. She had had no proper workup. I spoke with her for about 10 minutes and the remedy became clear to me. Usually, it takes me much longer to arrive at a good prescription, which is why I don’t use homeopathy in this clinic, where I get only 15 minutes per patient. In any case, the remedy was staring me in the face and I decided to offer it. She really did not know what she was getting, I could just as well given her Tylenol and she would not know the difference. I also sent her to a gynecologist for a workup.

Anyway, she took the remedy home and started taking it. I did not see her for a year and completely forgot about the case. I presumed she went to see the gynecologist and was undergoing the usual procedures. One year later I saw her again. At first I did not realize it was the same person. I have very poor memory for faces and names and when I first saw her now I thought I was seeing her for the first time. She complained of baby blues. She’d just given birth to a healthy baby 2 months ago and was now struggling with her emotions. I looked through the chart and discovered my note from a year ago. I asked her if she ever saw the gynecologist for infertility workup. She said, “why bother, I got pregnant!” She took it all for granted: she came to see the doctor with a specific problem, and the doctor gave some medicine that fixed the problem as it was supposed to do.

I asked her a couple more questions and saw that she still needed the same remedy. She obviously was not cured yet, at least not the way I define it. So, I gave her the same remedy and told her to come back in a month or so. I never saw her again. I hope the remedy was as effective the second time.

Another case was a lady that came to be treated for depression and headaches. She had been married for four years and never got pregnant. She used no birth control. She thought she was infertile and was just fine with the idea. You can imagine her surprise when, as the depression got to be less severe and the headaches let up some, she also got pregnant. And she did not even want a child… Well, I guess, she was meant to have it and she did – a beautiful daughter. The dad is very happy!

Since homeopathy is meant to treat the whole person, it affects the reproductive organs just as surely as all the rest. If there is no irreversible pathology there it will create conditions favorable to reproduction, since this is what those organs are meant to do. This fact is well known among homeopaths and stories of making babies in infertile women abound. I’ve had several such cases myself. I tell you, its great fun to make babies, even if your involvement in the process is indirect.

5-26-01. Here is another report I just got from a lady in Canada in my email: Great news! I just had a pregnancy test and I am pregnant!!!! Y. (husband) and I are ecstatic! I believe that your remedy really helped me. You are truly a genius! Perhaps you should become a fertility specialist! I will keep you posted on everything. We are planning to visit Minneapolis at the end of June so I will be sure to drop by and see you again!

She got a new remedy in April. Fun!!!!!!

5-29-01 Here is another one. When it rains it pours! “I am pregnant (based on a pregnancy test I bought at Target). I can’t believe it!!!! Both I and L. (husband) are totally shocked by the news!!! What was this remedy you prescribed me? Was it something specific to achieve pregnancy?”

It was not. It was just a well chosen homeopathic remedy.