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Here are some sites you may find useful:

Homeopathy for Influenza, including H1N1:

Steve Waldstein manages a great referral list of good homeopaths around the country:

Homeopathic Educational Services.
Dana Ullman operates this online homeopathic bookstore and information portal. Dana is one of the biggest promoters of homeopathy in the US and around the world. This site is a labor of love. It supports Dana’s important work on our behalf. By buying from HES you will help to promote homeopathy.

Minimum Price Homeopathic Books
Almost every book on homeopathy. The professional’s choice for
homeopathic reading, with books on materia medica, case taking,
repertorization, remedy selection, case management, and more.


The Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project (MNHLRP), a 501c4 grass roots consumer organization, was formed in 1996 to protect access to natural health care in the state of Minnesota. MNHLRP was the citizen force behind the passage of Chapter 146A, the Complementary and Alternative Health Freedom of Access Act, passed in 2000 by the Minnesota State Legislature. Chapter 146A is a landmark piece of legislation which affirms peoples’ rights to access natural health information, products and healing services of their choice.

If you are a homeopath and you need to bring some order to your remedy storage, check out the system I invented:

Unfortunately, the training in nutrition I got in Medical School was close to none. Neither have I taken the time to learn it later. Homeopathy took all my learning time. For this reason, I am always reluctant to give advice on nutrition. Luckily, there are experts in this area of medicine as well. Here is a couple of nice sites:

This a good site for people to research different types of treatments, both conventional and alternative. It gives pretty comprehensive information, including the nature of a particular disease, prevention methods, conventional and alternative treatments, and backs it up with good links for further research:

If your child is myopic (has a “minus” eyeglass prescription), you’ve got to read this info:

Tips for insomnia:

Our homeopathic friends in Holland

Homeopathic books from India:

Informational site on various healing modalities: