The Practice

What are you seeking? Better health? Personal growth? Improved relationships? Homeopathy may be able to help you with all of this and more.

To make this happen, we need to work together and have good understanding of the goals and ways to achieve them.

First of all, it will help our work tremendously if you know what you are coming for. Homeopathy is well outside the mainstream understanding of medicine, so it will be useful for you to learn a bit about it if you have not yet done so. You can get the information from my booklet Demystifying Homeopathy. You can read it online at no charge. If anything in the booklet is unclear, or you just have any questions, please feel free to call me and I will clarify everything. But please be sure you feel very comfortable with the approach before you make the appointment with me.

If you would like to get good results, you should not start any other new therapies without a prior consultation with me, especially in the beginning of the process. We need to find the best possible remedy for you and any interference will slow us down significantly. You will be able to continue with all the necessary treatments you are receiving now.

Before you schedule an appointment, I need to talk to you by phone to make sure homeopathy is appropriate in your case. Just call the office at 952.933.8900 and ask the receptionist to put me in touch with you.

Most patients come in for treatment of some chronic conditions and what follows applies to these cases. If you have an acute condition, you need results fast, you have a relative in intensive care, etc., the following discussion of chronic case management will not apply to you, so just call me and we’ll discuss what we need to do. Homeopathy may indeed be very useful in your case as well.

To take good care of you and ensure the best results, I must see you on a regular basis. In most cases, I schedule my first appointment for two and a half hours and follow-ups for half an hour. This can be done in person or by a virtual visit.

The time I actually spend with you may be more or less than the allotted time. The first follow-up is usually one month after the first visit, then we schedule a follow-up about every two months, provided we are getting progress in your case. If we are not seeing enough progress, I will want to see you more frequently until we start seeing progress. We may also need to talk on the phone on and off, or email can be utilized for occasional communication. I am easily accessible, and I encourage communication between visits whenever there is any question.

Homeopathy is often slow to act, and in some cases, I can’t get the best remedy right away. This means that you must be willing to give the treatment plenty of time. In most chronic cases, once on a good remedy, if you are 10-20% better in 6 months of treatment it must be considered good progress. Sometimes it works much faster than that, but it is not the rule. If you decide that homeopathy does not work for you after just one or two visits, you will most definitely have wasted your money and effort.

Maybe this approach is too “outside of the box” for you?

If you are not sure this is what you want to do, please don’t schedule the appointment. Maybe you feel the remedy did not work? It is not for you to decide in the beginning stages of treatment—I am available to discuss it with you at any time. You may feel you are not improving initially, but I may feel otherwise and will be happy to explain to you why I feel so. I always give it my best effort and want to see you improved. If you quit treatment too soon, you will most definitely lose the investment in health you have already made! Again, make sure this is what you want to do, make sure you can afford an extended course of treatment, call me and ask all the questions that come to your mind; there are no stupid questions. Then come and stick with it. In a great majority of cases it is well worth the investment.

Take a look at these cases. It will illustrate for you the range of responses people have to homeopathic remedies and help you develop correct expectations.

Here is what happens when you come.

In the first visit, we sit and talk for a long time. At this point, I want to know everything about you, so I can determine the disease pattern and the remedy to match it. I schedule two hours, but take as long as it takes, anywhere from one hour to three hours. I often spend quite a long time during your visit working on the computer. I use several programs that help me sift through a huge database of homeopathic literature to find a remedy that best suits your case. Sometimes my patients get quite bored sitting there and waiting for me to do the searches. Unfortunately, I can’t do it any other way. When possible leads pop up in the searches, I need you right there in front of me to answer questions to enable me to confirm or rule out certain remedies. In this way we become partners in the process of making you healthier.

Follow-ups are usually shorter. Commonly, all I need is a few minutes with you to confirm the prescription is working. I schedule half hour for these visits just in case you have questions or, if the results are unclear, I may need more time to investigate. If the remedy is clearly wrong, we may go quite a bit over the allotted time, so if you are sitting in the waiting room and I am running late, please be understanding: I probably have a difficult case requiring more of my time, and I will do it for you too if needed.

I am not a god, so I cannot guarantee specific results. However, I can promise the following:

If, once we have tried for a reasonable amount of time, you are still not improving, we will make arrangements where you don’t pay any more out of pocket, and I will continue working with you until we find the right remedy for you. As soon as I see you are on a good remedy, I will resume charging you. This applies to cases where no obvious interference is present, such as steroid or immunosuppressant drugs as well as some other less frequent situations.