The Book: Demystifying Homeopathy


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A Concise Guide to Homeopathic Medicine

Dedicated to Tom Stowell, N.D.,who showed me the light

Open your heart with a jest, and let your heart laugh a little; then become serious.”

So, what is homeopathy? Here’s how some people responded to this question:

“It’s that health freak medicine using vitamins and mineral supplements.”
“It’s organic herbs.”all-c
“Never heard of it.”
“It’s where they use some kind of strange machines.”
“A form of treatment using suggestion and placebos.”

Though creative, none of these answers is correct. Actually, homeopathy is the best kept secret in medicine today. While conventional medicine definitely has its place, it can’t match homeopathy in its effectiveness against human suffering. So why don’t more doctors practice it? The answer is simple. First of all, it makes no sense to a “rational” mind—that is, at first glance. Second, it’s much more difficult to practice than conventional medicine; most doctors will only dabble in it a bit and therefore don’t get good results. Finally, if you want to do it well, you have to take your time and see eight patients a day, instead of 40, and that’s hard on the wallet.

Since I began my practice, I’ve searched for a concise booklet that would explain homeopathy to new and prospective patients. Having never found it, I realized that I would have to write it. Here it is. It is directed at lay people just curious about the subject, as well as doctors and scientists. One thing I know from experience: when somebody tells me they know what homeopathy is, they are usually wrong. I hope you find my explanation helpful.