“Nicely written and well stated—clinical and intellectual balance.”

— Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author

“It was a wonderful, concise, clear and informative little book. I believe it was the best explanation of homeopathy I have seen. Nice job.”

— William D. Manahan, M.D., Author

“A thoughtful and poignant introduction to homeopathy. Demystifies one of the world’s great healing systems.”

— Dr. Michael A. Schmidt, Author

“Anyone who is interested in explaining what homeopathy is will be able to glean another viewpoint from this book.”

— Julian Winston, Homeopathy Today

“Good book. Good price. The best small book explaining homeopathy to come around.”

— Melanie Grimes, Resonance

“This is not only the truth—it is finally the whole truth…”

— Iain Marrs, American Homeopath

“I challenge you to find a more concise explanation of homeopathy anywhere.”

— Tim Miejan, The Edge

“I predict that this remarkable little book will change many lives.”

— Audrey DeLaMarte, T.C. Wellness

I would like to express my appreciation to the following people:

To my wife Julia for sharing her creative ideas, supporting me in every aspect of my life and patiently enduring endless conversations regarding homeopathy.

To Tracy Whartman, for putting the finishing touches on this edition.

To Carol Hamilton, whose enthusiasm, dedication and editing made this edition possible.